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A quick glance at this house and you would be forgiven for not giving it another look. We didn’t either. That was until we stumbled across its GORGEOUS interior. Remodelled by UK based design firm, Love Interiors, Surrey VI (perhaps not the most original name) has gone from a dated Victorian manor to a sophisticated modern British home using a palette of white, grey, and blue while effectively restoring and preserving its classic, elegant features.
Throughout the house, there is a careful mix of old and new: a heavy frame filled with modern art, an antique side table washed with a pastel blue, and a silver and gold pineapple lamp surrounded by brass frames filled with family photos help bring this Surrey home into the 21st century while paying homage to its historical roots.


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In the kitchen the careful balance of this house’s “modern classic” style is again tested by juxtaposing modern art and steampunk bar chairs against cottage-style cabinetry and brass fittings.

White wood venetian blinds are used to filter in natural light while softening the barriers between inside and out. This is tied in with white granite tops and pale grey walls providing the room with a sense of space.

In the dining room, a large 12 seater table sets the scene for intimate family meals. Two large vertical windows are fitted with white wood venetian blinds, providing ample light and privacy. In the corner a canary yellow armchair brings in a splash of colour, creating a warm friendly atmosphere.
You can tell a lot of thought has gone into this. In the study a pendant light with a marble textured shade hangs from the roof over a desk made from steel pipes which sits across from a glass cabinet with the world’s oldest books in it. And then there is that brass owl. We would buy this whole house just for that brass owl. Life goals. Looking out from the desk a gorgeous white venetian blind sits snugly inside the window frame filtering in the afternoon sun.
Finally, we move into the lounge where the fireplaces is flanked by two large windows dressed with grey roman blinds. Along the other wall sits the sort of library that dreams are made of and tucked away in the opposite corner a beautiful brass “booze cart” or drinks trolley.
Surrey VI, delicately balances old and new, creating an inspirational interior with rich features and something interesting to look at around every corner.


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