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Roman blinds are making a comeback and with these white roman blinds it is easy to see why. Their neat fabric folds create a soft luxurious texture in the small office space. To create the office space, interior design studio Nordico had to get creative with the internal layout of this Taipei apartment. So to divide up the space they added a pony wall. What is a pony wall I hear you ask? A pony wall is a short wall that doesn’t reach all the way to the ceiling. Here it has been used to divide up the open room creating separate spaces for the living room and office.
The overall interior design is clean and uncluttered and makes use of different textures and patterns to keep the small space interesting. From the front door, patterned tiles lead you into the office. The walls are painted in pale grey and attache to the pony wall are round wooden coat hooks in a variety of sizes. The desk is made with a wooden top with drawers below for storage. The white roman blind is a feature in the small office and adds texture to the space. It also plays a functional role by allowing natural light to filter in. Two multi coloured chairs and a hanging plant add depth and interest to the design.
On the other side of the pony wall, the patterned tiles are swapped out for wooden flooring. A TV and sound system adorn the wall while a glass topped coffee table, plush oval rug and sofa complete the requirements for a living room. Floor to ceiling glass sliding doors separate the lounge from the kitchen and bedroom. Mint coloured cupboards are topped with a white countertop and finished off with white subway tiles. The effect is a simple modern kitchen in what is a simple modern apartment.


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