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Let’s start of by saying that although this might not be to everyone’s taste, we love the dark, moody, simple space this apartment creates. We especially love the choice of grey roman blinds.

For awhile roman blinds got relegated to that category of “things in my grandma’s house”. But they are back in a big way and it should come as no surprise that grey roman blinds are now a topic pick for designers.

Wabi-sabi is a traditional Japanese design aesthetic centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Characterised by rough textures, simplicity, and asymmetry, it is an aesthetic that appreciates the integrity of natural objects and processes.

Based in the bustling city of Kiev, this urban apartment was designed by Sergey Makhno for his family with the goal of creating a bridge between Japanese minimalism and the Ukrainian aesthetic.

The 175 sqm apartment boasts a rooftop terrace, an open plan living area, and a number of furniture pieces designed by Sergey himself. Dark colours and rough textures create a calm, meditative interior.

The dedication and focus with which this interior has been designed are incredible. The wooden table in the master bedroom is from the 17th century for Pete’s sake. There is also a bonsai in a glazed terracotta pot which is a nice touch.

The walls in the living area are covered in clay using a traditional Ukrainian technique. The rough texture is complemented with grey roman blinds that, in conjunction with the fabric sofa, help soften the room.

In the kitchen, it is much of the same. Dark cabinets and tiles sit next to a steel table and chairs and over the window hangs grey roman blind that filters in light creating a soft moody ambiance.

The main bathroom looks out over the rooftop terrace. The bath is sunk into the floor and is surrounded by marbled tiles. Crisp white blackout roller blinds cover the windows to provide privacy when the bathroom is in use.
The rooftop terrace  is home to a small Japanese garden and overlooks the city continuing with the mix of Japanese minimalism and Ukrainian aesthetic.


Designed: Sergey Makhno

Photograph: Andrey Avdeenko

Source: Dezeen


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