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Choosing between venetian blinds and roller blinds can be tricky. Both are great choices but depending on where and how they will be used one might be a better choice than the other.

There are 3  factors you need to consider before making your decision: Privacy, Price, and Practicality.


1. Privacy

Both venetian blinds and roller blinds can provide varying levels of privacy. With venetian blinds a simple tilt of the wand allows you to adjust the amount of visibility you have in and out of your window. The benefit is that it gives you plenty of option: fully open, fully closed, and everything in between.

Venetian blinds are a great all-purpose solution for situations where you want the freedom to make adjustments to suit your specific needs.

Roller blinds are also great providers of privacy but it is dependent on which fabric you choose. Blockout roller blinds will keep out all light and prying eyes while a sheerweave fabric allows light through so it will only provide partial privacy.

In this regard, rollers are great where their function is to control light and heat and where variability isn’t required.


2. Price

Price is where we start to really see the difference between venetian blinds and roller blinds. Venetian blinds are made from a variety of materials which include aluminium, PVC and wood. Aluminium blinds are an affordable option while wood and pvc venetian blinds are both premium products.

Roller blinds are slightly different while there are premium options there aren’t any entry level ranges meaning that their prices range from mid to high.


3. Practicality

Venetian blinds and rollers blinds are both easy to clean and maintain. Regular feather dusting will keep them looking great.

Roller blinds are a little easier to operate because they only come with one set of controls that lift and lower the blinds.

Venetians, on the other hand, come with two sets of controls: a tilting wand and lifting cords. The tilt function is relatively simple: rotating the wand will tilt the vanes. The lift function is a little bit more complicated. The cords have to be pulled to the left before the blind can be lifted or lowered.



Choosing between venetian blinds and roller blinds is dependent on the 3Ps: Privacy, Price, and Practicality but ultimately it comes down to your personal preference and style. If you prefer rollers, get rollers. If you prefer venetian blinds, get venetian.


Happy decorating.


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