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Situated in the magnificent Halong Bay, this apartment uses wood venetian blinds to turn a cramped space above a storefront into a chic urban apartment.

From the street it looks like just another store. A quiet street lined with shops with apartments for the shopkeepers above the stores. Nothing uncommon about that, especially in Vietnam. But cross the threshold and everything changes. What is normally a dark cramped space has been transformed into a gorgeous living space with lots of natural light and an abundance of space.

Patterned floors, arched doorways and a modern steel staircase bring the space into the center of 2018’s design trends. A huge indoor plant fills the almost atrium like space with a connection to the outside while softening the natural light floating in from above.


In the dining room, simple wooden furniture leaves the space uncluttered while two beautiful wood venetian blinds cover the outside facing windows, adding privacy to the space. Wood venetian blinds provide the space with a sense of luxury and introduce another feature to catch the eye in what is a minimally decorated space.


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In the bedroom a large leafy fiddle leaf fig sits in the corner in a beautiful woven straw pot next to a long two person desk. Then something weird happens. There are two double beds in the room. Why you ask? We don’t know. It’s a little strange we know but who are we to judge.


Staring out of a deep recessed window covered in a black roller blind, you get a view of the atrium from the top floor.


There is a lot to like about this apartment: the way it uses materials and textures to create a rich interior, the deep recessed windows in beautiful wooden frames and of course the wood venetian blinds in the dining room were a great choice.



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