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Designed to look like it has burst from the confines of the earth this incredible home combines a range of natural materials, a complex internal structure, and spectacular sea views to create the ultimate holiday home. Covering the large windows are white blockout roller blinds, providing privacy and protecting the interior from the harsh Australian sun.

Nestled in the quiet fishing town of Rhyll, this seaside home is clad in timber and stone tying it into the landscape around it. The highly durable timber will weather and soften to a beautiful grey over time.

Inside, the large window bring the outside in creating an open tranquil interior. Similar to the exterior, the interior is a calabash of textures and materials. Concrete and wood floors, a weathered steel staircase, and white blockout roller blinds create a rich interior that offers something new in every detail.

In the upstairs living room, wooden floors flow from the kitchen to the lounge. A suspended fireplace floats enticingly above a steel plate, hinting at cold winter evenings. The grey kitchen cabinetry stand in contrast to the natural floors and white walls.

White blockout roller blinds cover all the large window providing both privacy and protection. The fabric roller blinds also add a soft touch to a space filled with hard materials. The choice of blockout roller blinds is not just aesthetic, it is also functional. They roll up completely, giving full access to the views without the effect of stacking that you would get if they were venetian or roman blinds.

In the bathroom, a sliding glass door provides access to the shower while a concrete floor leads you through the narrow room to a pair of wooden shelves. There a single white basin is flanked by two rectangular windows both adorned with white blockout roller blinds.

Designers: JArchitecture

Photography: Shannon McGrath



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