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In yesterday’s blog I said that you don’t often see black used on window blinds but I was wrong. It has obviously become a trend because in today’s blog the black blockout roller blinds are black. I must have missed the memo but apparently “BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK!” In yesterday’s blog I also confessed my love for cabins and today I am going to do it again for small spaces. There is something beautiful about the considered effort that goes into reimagining how a space works. Considering all the functions it must perform: home, office, entertainment and how it can be adapted to suit each.

The Vila Olimpia Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by FC Studio is a two bedroom apartment that does exactly that. It manages to squeeze the living room, TV room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, balcony and office into a single space. On top of that furniture like benches and tables are hybrid and mobile creating a flexible area. Even pieces of art can be moved around. The space adapts to the different possible scenarios where working, eating, cooking, washing clothes, etc. can all happen in a fluid way.

The green cabinary houses the kitchen as well as the front door, pantry, and stove which is hidden inside of a drawer. This is all accentuated by neutral shades of grey which tone down the colour but give rise to a multitude of shapes.

The roller blinds are featured in two shades. The first and most prominent are the black blockout roller blinds leading out to the balcony. They provide privacy from the city outside as well as playing the functional role of temperature control. To the right, a small narrow window is covered with a full length white roller blind. Again the black blockout roller blinds and white roller blinds are a functional choice. While black reduces light, white enhances it. The white roller blind provides privacy but brings in much needed natural light into the small space.

This small space is smart. It’s functional yet beautiful. It does everything you need it to but doesn’t do too much. It manipulates the versatility of its furniture: a kitchen that is also the front door and pantry, roller blinds that both enhance and reduce light, and furniture that is mobile. Truly an incredible small space!


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