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Who said white roller blinds can’t be art?

This house is not actually a house. It is a contemporary art installation by Mark de Jong called Swing House. The entire house has been gutted to make space for a three-story swing. That’s right, we said A THREE-STORY SWING!

From the outside, this house displays all the gorgeous architectural details that it was initially designed with. The face brick is blue while the windows and doors are surrounded by ornate moldings.

On the inside, it is radically different. The floors have been removed to create one large space. Huge steel beams have been put in place to provide the house with structural support, one of which also supports the swing.

All the window have been covered with white roller blinds allowing light to filter into the space. A bed, kitchen, and sofa have been made from laminated wood completing the interior.

The swing seat is made from salvaged pine and the rope from natural fibres. The project took nearly 3 years to complete but has been a dream of deJong’s for almost 30 years.

DeJong, who works in construction, hasn’t produced any art for more than 20 years, explaining that the Swing House is his leap back into it.

The whole house is designed around the arc of the swing. All the furniture is far enough back that the swing easily passes over them. On the roof a black and white hourglass represents the passage of time while the arc of the swing represents the movement of a pendulum.

Design: Mark de Jong

Photography: Hailey Bollinger

Source: Colossal


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