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Roller blinds have been around for a long time but are finally getting the attention they deserve. They create a clean and simple aesthetic, roll away neatly, and can be made from a wide range of materials.

They are particularly popular in modern homes and offices that have large windows and want to get the most out of their view. But whether it is because you want to preserve your beautiful views or provide a room with some privacy roller blinds are a great choice.

Below we will take a look at:

  1. Types of rollers,
  2. Features,
  3. Best locations, and
  4. How to take care of them.

Types of Roller Blinds

The main distinctions when it comes to roller blinds is the material. Predominantly you get three choices: light filtering, blockout, and fabric roller blinds.




Light filtering roller blinds are made from a variety of fabrics but have a loose weave that allows light through. They are a great choice for large windows that get direct sunlight because they softening the incoming light and reduce the amount of heat entering the room. They are commonly made from sturdy materials that have UV resistant properties.

Blockout roller blinds have a heavy duty lining that prevents any light from coming through. They provide the ultimate level of privacy and are great for bedrooms and tv rooms. Blockout roller blinds also do a great job a keeping the heat out and are a great way to control the indoor temperature without using air conditioning. Just like the light filtering rollers, blockout roller blinds are made from sturdy UV resistant properties.
Fabric roller blinds are made from various printed and plain fabrics. They are neither blockout or light filtering but fall somewhere in between. Imagine holding a piece of cloth up to the light, you can see the glow of the light but you can’t see what it is specifically. Fabric roller blinds are made from normal fabrics which provides a large variety of options and styles.


Roller blinds have a lot to offer which is why they have become a particular favourite for both office and home use. Below are some of their benefits:


1. Design

So although roller blinds offer practical, functional benefits and features, probably the most important for anyone decorating their home or office is how they look. They play a vital role in determining the atmosphere in a room and can dramatically change the functionality of a room.

This is where roller blinds really shine. The large range of options combined with their sleek minimal design makes them a great choice for every interior. So whether they are being used in a baby’s nursery to create a sanctuary or in an office to keep out the heat but provide natural light and take advantage of the view, they are a great option.


2. Environmentally Friendly

The energy requirements of buildings has a large impact on the environment which has resulted in a lot of homes and offices trying to reduce their footprint. Roller blinds offer a great way to do that. Their ability to reflect incoming heat and reduce the need for air conditioning gives them great “green” credentials.

Motorisation provides additional sophistication but lowering the roller blinds automatically during times when windows are facing directing sunlight reducing the need for air conditioning. Similarly when the sun moves away the roller blinds are opened so that building can take in natural light reducing their need for artificial internal lighting.


3. Easy to Clean

Cleaning and maintenance is an important consideration when choosing a window covering. Curtains are big and heavy and trap dust and dirt exceptionally well. On top of that they they need to be taken down to be washed. What a mission.

Blinds are different. They don’t need to be taken down to be cleaned and require little more than regular feather dusting to keep them looking good.


4. Easy to Use

Roller blinds are nothing if not simple and easy to operate. Roller blinds make use of a pulley system to raise and lower the blind. Pull the front of the cord and the blind lowers. Pull the back of the cord and the roller blind lifts up. Simple.

Best Locations

Rollers are exceptionally versatile and are well suited for most areas of your home or office. That being said it would be best to avoid areas that get a lot of moisture. In small bathrooms that steam up during a shower or bath, a roller blind might not work. Because the surface is big and flat, condensation starts to form and can cause mold to form on the fabric.

That is not to say that you can’t have roller blinds in your bathroom. Every home is different and should be taken on its own merit.


How To Clean

Roller blinds are exceptionally easy to clean. A simple feather dusting once or twice a week will do the job. If you do get a couple of grimy marks on them, use a damp cloth with a little lukewarm water to wipe it off. It is that simple. Don’t use detergent on them as it might affect the UV coating.



Roller blinds are a sleek modern window covering option suitable for both the home and office. They come in a variety of materials which gives them the versatility to be used in almost any indoor setting. Whether you want privacy or are looking to reduce your electricity bill, roller blinds provide a great range of options for you to choose from.


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