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I have a confession to make: I love a good cabin especially one that has roman blinds. There is something about being tucked away on a beautiful landscape, far away from civilization, with nothing but the bare essentials that creates a longing for a simpler, less cluttered life.
Mountain Cottage sits on the shores of an artificial lake in southern Poland. Designed by HOLA Design, this beautiful cabin stares across the lake at two medieval castles. Clad in blackened aspen shingles, this 160-square-meter cabin is designed to reflect the history and folk-art tradition of the area.
Simple shapes and large windows take advantage of the views without dominating the landscape. The contrast between light and dark wood pays homage to old while showing that it’s new.
On the inside the light wood cladding creates a sense of openness and focuses your attention on the landscape just beyond the large windows. The soft grey painted concrete floors and subtle finishes do little to distract you from the view.


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It is not often that you will see black used for window blinds but here it was essential. The black roman blinds do more than just blend in with the cladding and window frames. They create warmth by trapping the heat from the fireplace. They also reduce the echo produced by rigid materials and create a soft barrier between inside and out.
The open-plan lounge, kitchen and dining area, which occupies most of the ground floor, create that cozy “everything in the same place” feeling you get from cabins.   In the bathroom, roman blinds are replaced with more “bathroom practical” venetian blinds. Placed over another large window right in front of the bath. I can only imagine what view must be like from that tub!
It’s simple and uncomplicated yet refined and indulgent. The perfect example of what a modern cabin can be.


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