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Working from home isn’t a new concept but with the proliferation of the high-speed internet, flexi-time, and cross-functional teams across multiple geographies, a significant portion of people now spend at least some time working from home.

The study or home office has, therefore, become an important space where productivity and comfort are key. Although a new Nespresso machine and a desk big enough to show your family who’s really boss are both important, deciding which home office blinds to put in is equally as important and can dramatically change the less tangible aspects of your space.

Below we take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when choosing your home office blinds.


1. Natural Light
Natural light is a lot more important than you think. According to this study, natural light improves your mood, increases your morale, lowers fatigue, and reduces eye strain. It also has significant health benefits and enhances your mental faculties. So, in other words, natural light is essential for any space you intend on spending a significant portion of your day.

When it comes to choosing your home office blinds, you have a couple of options available to you:
Venetian blinds – Their horizontal slats that can be tilted 180 degrees allowing in various degrees if light.
Roller blinds – With roller blinds, the fabric you choose is important. They can be rolled up or down allowing them to be adjusted according to your needs but different fabrics have various levels of transparency. Blockout fabrics prevent any light from coming in while light-filtering fabrics allow a lot of light through.
Roman blinds – These tend to be made from block out fabrics so while they are down they will prevent all light from coming through but can be lifted up to allow light in.


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2. Temperature Control
In South Africa, the scourge of single pane windows means that our homes and offices face the direct impact of the sun resulting in wildly fluctuating internal temperatures. Research shows that more than 50% of people feel that their workspace is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

So what can you do to combat temperature fluctuations and minimise the cost of excess heating and air conditioning costs? Well, blinds are a great solution and although they don’t solve the problem entirely, they do a lot to minimise the effects.

They can be opened to allow heat in or closed to reflect it out. Modern buildings also use automation to lower blinds during the hottest part of the day to keep the internal temperature stable and reduce the need for air conditioning.


3. Ventilation
Ventilation is probably the most important factor to consider because not only does it affect the first two factors but it also affects the level of humidity, CO2 (which affects cognitive function), and the overall air quality.

When it comes to ventilation, venetian blinds offer a lot of benefits. When venetian blinds are closed there are still small air gaps because the blind consists of individual slats as opposed to a solid fabric. This allows air through even when closed. When it comes to fabric blinds, the type of fabric is important. Blockout fabrics are solid and designed to keep the light out and as a consequence also hinder airflow. Light-filtering blinds are designed to allow light in and therefore also allow air to circulate through.


4. Automation
Automating your home office blinds is more a matter of ease and convenience than the previous factors. By automating your blinds you can quickly and easily adjust their position without having to get up from your desk. They can also be set to automatically adjust to changing light and temperature conditions, leaving you completely free to attend to your work.


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5. Maintenance
The final consideration is maintenance. In general, blinds are fuss-free and provide an easy to use and maintain solution. We have written a lot about cleaning and maintaining your blinds so we won’t get too detailed here but suffice it to say that regular dusting and proper use will keep them looking brand new for a long time.


When setting up your home office you need to make sure it is a place where you are comfortable and productive. Your choice of window covering will go a long way to determine how functional your space is. Blinds are a versatile and affordable option which can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

When deciding on which home office blinds to buy, consider the temperature, levels of natural light, and airflow in your space at different times of the day. Also, consider whether you want to automate your blinds and how easy they are to maintain. Every space is unique so take that into account along with your own personal style when deciding which blinds are best suited for you.


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