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Do you work from home? Or occasionally burn the midnight oil?

Regardless of which, you need a home office.

But where do you start?

Typing in ‘home office ideas’ doesn’t help.


We’ve got just the thing. And by thing, we mean all the essentials you need for an epic, productive home office.

Freelancer, stay at home mom or online business owner, you need:


1. A neat, productive desk.

First things first. To have your own office, you need your own desk.

But not just any desk – preferably a desk that helps you to switch between sitting and standing. Standing is great for boosting productivity!

You can easily do this without breaking the bank.

Simply drill a longer, desk-like shelf into the wall at the height you’d like to stand at. Then purchase a taller chair.


2. A creative thinking space.

Along with your tall chair, you might want to add a comfier one. Think about adding a bean bag to the room.

This will help you to get out of your chair for a bit and encourage creative thinking.


3. A window, with good light.

Whichever room you decide to make your home office, make sure it has a window.

Certainly not for staring off into a distant day-dream. No, you need a window for good lighting.

Great natural light boosts productivity like you can’t believe. In fact, according to Eco-Business, daylight promotes human potential and creativity.

And of course, you can pair your window with the perfect blinds. Pull down your blinds at night, so no one can peek in at your office possessions.




4. A space you can close.

Working from home means there may be many distractions.

That dirty laundry pile up keeps staring at you. And your cat keeps meowing excessively in the kitchen.

You do not want to be disturbed.

Make sure your office has a door that can be closed, so your kids, grandpa or laundry won’t disturb you every 30 minutes.


5. A Vision Board.

Behind every successful person, is a vision and a whole lot of motivation. In order to succeed, you need a vision to work towards.

The best way to stay motivated and excited about your goals to to see it visually.

Add a pin up board with your business, or personal goals.

When you’re sitting (or standing) at your desk, your vision will motivate you to keep going, and work hard.


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