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Right, so it is official: I am obsessed with small spaces. On Tuesday, I blogged about a cabin in Poland. On Wednesday, I blogged about a tiny apartment in Sao Paolo, and today’s blog is a beautifully minimalist 90 sqm apartment with grey roller blinds.
The mixture of white, wood, and bare brick create a texturally interesting space. Splashes of colour are added through leafy green indoor plants dotted around a sage green couch and white washed logs.
The way the space uses materials is clever. White is used all over the place on coffee tables, walls, ceilings, lamps and doors. Normally this would be too much but, in A16 House, it is broken up by wood and bare brick walls.
Four long windows stare out at a snowy wonderland, covered in grey roller blinds. The roller blinds roll away neatly during the day, allowing in the bright natural light, which is vital as there are no windows on the opposite wall.
In the bedroom, french panelling creates a backdrop to a beautiful wood headboard. Again two tall windows are the only source of natural light and again they are covered with grey roller blinds. On the floor two woven mats continue the theme of “textures” as they overlap beneath the bed.
The bathroom is the polar opposite of the rest of this house. Where everything was light it is now dark. Most of the walls, floor and ceiling are covered in grey. The single window provides just enough light to keep the room feeling “hidden away”. A white roller covers the window for privacy while still letting light into the room.
Overall the space is clean and neat. Various textures make the small space dynamic and interesting. It makes the most of what it has but doesn’t try to be too much. LOVE IT!


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