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In the modern world where we are all encouraged to express our individuality, this home breaks all the rules in order to create the opposite: community. Wonderland, designed by Wutopia Labs, turns three bedrooms and two living rooms into one bedroom and one living room with window blinds. The goal was to create a shared and open house for the parents and children to grow up in together.

The internal walls were removed to open up the space allowing for free movement throughout. Furniture and oval bathroom pods create natural pockets, allowing family members to have a sense of their own space within the larger one.

The walls are all painted pearl white, uniting the space while an orange bathroom and candy coloured accessories add to the playful style. Throughout the space pentagonal shapes cover the beds and piano, again creating an “individual pocket” for the family members to retreat to.

Roller window blinds, hide in recesses near the windows, allowing them to be tucked away during the day while offering privacy and reprieve from the bright Shanghai city lights. The window blinds are used sparingly in this home, maximising the amount of natural light coming in.

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The window blinds also offer a form of reflection. By being a soft neutral colour and blending in with the walls around it, they focus the attention back into the living space instead of the window blinds being the focus of attention themselves.

A slide above the one bed, irregularly shaped bookshelves, and small hiding spaces dotted all over the place create and playful environment for the family to grow up in. This home is truly unique and brings into focus the role of “family” in a world where the focus is on “me” not “we”.


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