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Everyone loves doing a little bit of renovating. Whether you are finally overhauling your kitchen or simply adding a lick of paint, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the magazine clippings and paint swatches come to life.

After obsessing over whether your scatter cushions create a trendy contrast or a kitch clash it would be a shame to neglect taking the time to decide what colour your window blinds should be.

Windows are important elements in every space and deciding how they will be finished is a decision that requires some considered thought. To help you decide, we have detailed some of the questions you will need to ask when deciding what colour your window blinds should be.


Select The Type of Window Blinds You Want

So first things first. Decide what type of blinds you want in your specific room. When making this decision you need to weigh up two choices: the room function and your specific style.

In the same way that you wouldn’t hang big heavy curtains in your bathroom or kitchen (because that’s gross), depending on the fabric, certain types of roller and roman blinds might not be an option.  

That being said, if you wanted to have a patterned fabric blind that tied in with other elements in the room, a roman or roller blind would be your only option.


Select The Colour of Your Window Blinds

Your colour options will be dependent on what style of blinds you go for and with over 200 option, you have a lot of choices. Don’t freak out. It all comes down to a simple decision: Compliment or Contrast.

This is easy. Match the colour of your blinds to other major elements in the room like the colour of the paint of the kitchen cupboards. Think white room with white blinds or grey kitchen cupboards with grey blinds. It ties the room together and shows that you have carefully selected every element in the room.


  • Easy to do.
  • Ties the room together.
  • Avoids clashing colours.
  • Keeps the colour palette simple.
  • Simple and clean aesthetic.
  • Focuses attention on other elements in the room.


  • Can be too “matchy-matchy”
  • Lacks creativity.
  • Limited options.

This is the more adventurous approach. The blinds contrast with the other major elements elements in the room but can be complimented with similarly coloured accessories. Thinks white kitchen with white walls and cupboards with a red window blind, red fridge, kettle, and toaster ( like those beautiful smeg ones). It is a careful balance but can create a modern space with that “WOW” factor.


  • Create a truely unique space.
  • Blinds become the focal elements.
  • Allows for creativity.
  • Lots of options.
  • Expresses individual style.
  • Flexibility to change colours by replacing the blinds.


  • Can create a “love it” or “hate it” reaction.
  • Risk of clashing if the colours of the other main elements aren’t chosen correctly.



The colour you select for your window blinds is an important consideration for any renovation project. Your options will be dependent on the types of blinds you choose, your personal style and the functionality of the room.

When picking your colours you have to decide between two main options: Compliment or Contrast. Selecting a complementary colour is the safe option but limits your choices and might create a generic look and feel.

By selecting contrasting colour options, you have more freedom to create a unique space that reflects your individual style and taste but at the risk that your colours clash and it might generate mixed reactions.


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