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That’s right, it’s a tree house, right here in Cape Town, Constantia.

Make no mistake though, this is not a child’s play tree house. It is the epitome of luxury and stylish living.

And it’s making all of our dreams come true.


Cape Town Tree House


If you’re wondering how to build a tree house, just ask architects Pieter Malan and Jan-Heyn Voster from Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design.

They were commissioned to create this small modern home and draw inspiration from the land, and trees, in particular.

They did all that and more.

So much so, that the tree house design mimics its forest surroundings so that it blends in with the tree trunks.

Some might even say that the house is a tree trunk itself!

It’s kind of true. And that was the initial idea.

The house consists of four circular columns. Each column representing a trunk, made from steel and timber.


Cape Town Tree House Bedroom


Its simplicity is also what adds to its attraction.

The tree house design is a 117m2, one bedroom, one bathroom home, consisting of four levels – making it spacious yet compact.

It overlooks the rest of the erf’s spectacular views, whilst blending in amongst its surroundings.

And it’s the perfect hideaway.


Cape Town Tree House


An important part to note on the design of the house, is the attention to detail with natural lighting.

Notice the shade-like wooden panels. These allow natural light in, and also keep the house hidden from outside viewers.

They’re kind of like their own really big set of blinds.


Cape Town Tree House


The aim was to keep the house materials untreated, so that it will fade naturally with time and blend even further into the surroundings.


We couldn’t love this house more, even if we tried.

Cape Town is full of surprising and intriguing home designs.

Have you seen Cape Town’s ultimate man cave, for example?

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