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So it’s not hard to imagine all the things a great man cave includes: a bar made, a pool table, some comfortable seating and a huge tv to watch the Springboks beat the All Blacks on.

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Now go a couple of steps further.

1. Make the bar bigger.

Stretch that bar to 4.5m long and make it out of wood and concrete. Add a rack for the surfboards and some lekker industrial lighting and there you go: a bar fit for the ultimate man cave.

So far so good.


indoor skate park and concrete bar

2. Hang the TV on the wall.

Now take that LED tv and hang it on a wall that looks like a wave. Throw in a fatsak, a nice comfy couch and enough sound to drown out the most avid All Black supporter. Now you are making good progress. EPIC.


curved wooden wall with led tv

3. Add a couple of bits and bobs.

Next, you have to gather all the other man cave paraphernalia. You know what we are talking about. A boxing bag (strictly a decor item), a pull-up bar and, of course, a pinball machine.

Now stand back and see all that you have accomplished and know that it is good.


boxing bag and pool table in urban man cave

4. And finally, add something unexpected.

Then just before you sit down to enjoy your handy work, look at that large open space in the corner. You know what you have to do. You have to dig it out and go where no man has dared to go before. Build your own indoor skate park!


indoor skate park with custom wall art

Well, that is exactly what Cape Town architects, Inhouse, did when they converted an unused 195 sqm lounge into this one-of-a-kind space.

The use of concrete, wood, and steel creates an industrial aesthetic, perfect for a trendy multifunctional room. The industrial lighting helps create a masculine feel while the custom wall art, designed by Jack Fox, keeps it playful.


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The polished concrete floor was provided by Florstore which is central to the overall quality and feel of the space.

In summary, we love this space. It is bold, creative, and daring. Everything a man cave should be.

Well played!

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