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If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do this summer, it’s fall for the flamingo fad.

Yes, it’s the pink bird pattern that’s everywhere. And we mean, everywhere.

This flamingo design and home decor trend has been circling around for well over a year now. Blow-up inflatables, wallpaper, bags, printed cushions and t-shirts worldwide have fallen victim to this trending trap.

Luckily, that’s all it is. A trend.

And trends tend to leave just as quickly as they start. Just look at the fidget spinner, for example.

The flamingo print is one design trend we hope leaves sooner rather than later.


It’s a seasonal trend

Flamingo decor trend


I mean, we get it. It’s hot outside. It’s festive. And flamingos represent tropical, exotic holiday destinations. Not to mention, millennial pink is very in right now.

Yes, it kind of makes sense.

But do we now need to buy flamingo everything? No. Please, no.

Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that this trend is here to stay. We’ll turn a blind eye to a few flamingo bits and bobs here and there.

But going full flamingo with a wallpaper design or artwork is a big mistake. We can assure you, you’ll be the only home with such things next year.


Flamingo trend


And of course, let’s also not forget where this all began. The flamingo was once a tasteless, kitsch lawn ornament.

Think about that every time you have the urge to purchase anything pink bird related.


So what’s next for trending decor?

The pineapple design has had its turn. I heard llamas have started making the rounds.

We’ll just stick to blinds.


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