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There is a lot that I like about this room: it’s bold colours, the mix of textures and patterns and, of course, the enormous white roller blind it has dominating the large window. The makeover was done by The House That Lars Built as part of the One Room Challenge and completed in a mere 7 weeks.

The first thing they tackled was the walls. The wall paneling and moulding adds sophisticated old world charm to the room. It is the sort of thing you would be accustomed to seeing in chateau’s and stately manor homes and this small office it adds depth and whimsy.

The walls are painted in teal which contrast nicely against the ceiling, doors, and the roller blind. Covering the only window in the room, the roller blind plays an important role by filtering in natural light while keeping out the heat from direct sunlight and providing much needed privacy.


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The hand painted floor is the obvious attention grabber in the room. The tumbling block pattern was inspired by the patterns used in ancient Greek and Roman interiors. I’m going to say that again: hand painted. To say that this would test the skill of any “professional” DIY-er would be an understatement.

The office furniture is predominately white with splashes of copper and gold to create a clean polished look. The bookshelf provides a mix of open shelves and cupboards while the filing cabinet take care of the remaining storage needs.
The velvet aqua blue chair also does the trick. Velvet is definitely a 2018 trend but one I am glad is coming back. Adorned with a flowery scatter cushion, it looks like the idea place to sit an jot down some thoughts.
Overall this room is bold, rich, and cheeky. From the way the light reflects through the large white roller blinds to the panels on the walls and painted floor, this room is the perfect office space for anyone to escape the mundane.


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