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Whether you are a Capetonian and have been restricted to taking 2-minute showers or are living the high life in Pretoria and are accustomed to taking long steamy soaks in a sea of bubbles, we all spend some of our most valuable time in our bathrooms either getting ready for our day or decompressing from it. It is for this exact reason that you should carefully consider your choice when buying bathroom blinds.

Below we have listed the 7 main considerations you need to make:


1. Privacy

To get bathroom blinds or not to get bathroom blinds, that is the question! Let’s start by asking the obvious: does your bathroom even need blinds? Most bathrooms have frosted windows which provide some semblance of privacy from nosey neighbors but in today’s lifestyle of townhouses and high-rise city apartments, that might not be enough. The effect of light rooms and dark nights can leave even the best-frosted window wanting so, in order to avoid a more intimate relationship with your neighbours than you were intending, it is worth taking the time to evaluate just how much privacy your frosting provides in various light conditions and whether you need window blinds or not.


2. Humidity

Bathrooms tend to be small quiet spaces that often endure tropical rainforest levels of humidity but those with great ventilation have a few more options available to them than those without. Although wood looks great, it will warp if your bathroom gets particularly steamy so PVC blinds would be a better choice if you are dead set on having the premium look and feel that wood provides. Fabric blinds look great but you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time removing the mold that will inevitably appear. Aluminium blinds are another great choice. They withstand moisture really well and are easily cleaned should spots or mold appear.


3. Natural Light

Light plays an important role in how welcoming and comfortable a room feels which is a particularly important consideration for bathrooms because they tend to be small rooms with relatively small windows. If you want roller blinds, go for sheerweave or light-filtering fabrics as opposed to blockout fabric, choose light colours over dark if your decor allows it and when you are done and no longer need the privacy, open your bathroom blinds up and greet your neighbor.


4. Position

Some windows are high and others are low. Some windows go from the ceiling to the floor and some go from wall to wall and some are in showers or above baths and others above a toilet or a basin. The position of the window affects the amount of moisture that reaches the blind. Anything above a basin, a bath, or a shower would need a PVC or aluminium blinds while a window above a toilet would be more forgiving.


5. Usability

The position of the window also affects your access to the bathroom blinds controls. A window that is high and above a toilet is harder to reach and open, so a light filtering roller blind that doesn’t need to be adjusted very often would be a good fit. You also don’t want the controls to get in the way of taps, door handles, or window latches so make sure you account for their position before ordering your blinds.


6. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance there are levels. Fabric blinds with mold are hard to clean and venetian blinds are less hard. The golden rule of bathroom blinds maintenance is: early and often. The less grim that builds up the better. This is especially true in bathrooms, where the added moisture threatens to turn a spring clean into a renovation.


7. Safety

It is always best to make sure you use a cord lock for the blind controls especially if you have pets or children running around. The controls can be a choking hazard. With bathroom blinds, the added difficulty of reaching controls because of obstacles like toilets and basins, and the added nuisance of slippery surfaces, leaves them vulnerable to being pulled off the wall. To avoid injury, make sure the controls are locked away and out of reach and assist children, and adults acting like children, to open and close the blinds if necessary.



Bathrooms are great! You spend a significant portion of your day in them in various states of undress so you should take your time making sure they are as comfortable and as private as possible.

Blinds are also great and they are great for bathrooms! Just make sure you take the time to consider all the options before taking the leap.

Happy DIYing!


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