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It happens every year. Home decor trends change. What was cool last year is kitch this year and after months of dreaming, planning, and saving your DIY project starts on the back foot. So how do you avoid spending your hard earned money on beautiful blinds that won’t fit in with the rest of your decor as you make updates to keep your home looking good? To help you future-proof your blinds and your decor, we have pinpointed the best decor bets from 2018.


Geometric shapes have popped up everywhere. From tiles to coffee tables and lights, geometric shapes have been used to reinvent household commodities by giving them a fresh modern look.



Velvet is interesting. It used to be popular and then it wasn’t and now it is again. But we have a feeling it is here to stay. When used with a bold contrasting colour, it adds an elegant feature that is set to stand the test of time.



Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy that finds beauty in simple, natural things that are imperfect and timeworn. Think woven juta rug or vintage driftwood table. The contrast between old and new is beautiful and wabi-sabi speaks to the heart of modern society’s fight against waste and excess.

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A burst of colour is a great way to create an interesting feature whether it is a daffodil coloured couch or a dusty pink wall. The trend is away from monotone white and grey and towards stand out textures and colours.



Colourful patterns tie in with some of the home decor trends we have already highlighted. They help normal household items stand out and become feature pieces. Think patterned fabrics used to make curtains, roller blinds, carpets or scatter cushions stand out.



The decorative fringe has made a comeback from the 70’s when everything had a tassel. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But if you consider yourself a maverik and a decor daredevil, then give the decorative fringe a go. We think it is going to be common-place before too long.



Wallpaper has been around for a while with intricate patterns dominating living rooms countrywide. Wall murals move away from those intricate patterns and instead add a life-like scene to the room. Whether it is a picture of a dense forest hiding its mysteries or the sun setting over the crashing waves, wall murals take you somewhere.


While home decor trends are constantly changing there are a couple of constants you can bet on to stick around when decorating your home. It is important to consider them when buying your blinds because your blinds will stick around a lot longer than perhaps the wall colour or carpets. So, when buying your blinds make choices you know will match different styles as your personal taste changes.

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