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Millennial pink.

What is it?

To the average eye, it’s pink, yes.

But really, it’s much more than that. It’s a playful, daring, friendly colour that’s crept into all of our lives in recent years.

We’re surrounded by it.

In fact, you’ve probably seen it more than 50 times today, alone. And apparently it’s here to stay.

This salmon, and sometimes marshmallow colour that’s taking over Pinterest, is also known as blush pink, delicate pink, and even rose gold, depending on the hue.

From high street fashion and advertisements to home decor worldwide, everyone needs this colour, even if you’re not in the millennial generation yourself.


Here are 5 ways to add millennial pink into your space:


1. Paint a wall

Millennial pink wall in lounge

Do it yourself and paint an inviting, blush pink wall. This wall will add warmth into a room, or even complete it.

Plus, the pink hues will light up the room perfectly with the morning and evening sunlight.


2. Use a statement piece

Millennial pink couch and decor

Add a large item, like a couch, to the room. The pink tone gives a relaxing, comfortable feel and add liveliness to an area.  


3. Add a splash of pink

Millennial pink pillows and throw

Not ready to fully commit to millennial pink?

Why not add a few accessories in as a subtle hint? A few throw blankets across the bed, or even a rose quartz lamp is a great addition.


4. Change up your kitchenware

Pink SMEG toaster

This colour is so popular, even SMEG created their own line of millennial pink products.

The line boasts a range of different toasters, kettles, and much more, all in our millennial pastel pink.

You could even add in a refrigerator if you’re feeling really funky.


5. Create a contrast

Millennial pink contrast home decor

Who said pink has to be quiet? Get creative with your DIY projects and use coral pink and black to create contrasting features, for an edgy look.


This colour really is versatile, without the gender stereotypical association that pink generally comes with.

It’s breaking all the rules and we love it! Browse our range of blinds and choose one of our pink colours.

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