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Wood venetian blinds are the Rolls-Royce of the window covering world. Made from carefully selected basswood trees, the wooden slats are individually coated with UV resistant stains creating a variety of finishes.

They create rich warm textures that make them appealing for lots of applications. That being said before choosing wood venetian blinds there are a couple of things you need to consider.


1Wood Doesn’t Like Getting Wet

We hate to state the obvious but wood and water don’t mix. The same applies to wood venetian blinds. When mixed with moisture the slats tend to warp and swell, not a great look in that newly renovated kitchen or bathroom. They are suitable in most areas of your home or office but when it comes to high moisture areas you need to be careful.

Windows inside the shower, above the bath, and above the kitchen sink are a no-no. You also need to consider the size of these rooms and the amount of ventilation. Small bathrooms that tend to steam up regularly during a shower or bath are also not a great place for wood venetian blinds.


2. Size Matters

Like most wooden products, wood venetian blinds tend to be heavy, especially when you want to cover large windows in them. There are limits to how big wooden blinds can be but even blinds that fall well within the size charts can be quite weighty.

The problem with the weight comes when you want to lift or lower your blinds. Venetian blinds are operated with a series of cords that run through the slats that when you pull to lift the blinds. The additional weight can cause premature wear and tear on those cords. On top of that, they can also just be a little unwieldy to lift and lower requiring quite a bit of strength to operate smoothly.


3. Thick Even When Thin

When blinds are lifted all the way to the stop, the section where they all gather is called the stack. Because wood venetians have thick slats the result is a bigger stack. This might reduce the view from your window or if they are hung above a door it will affect the headroom available to walk through the door.


4. Maintenance Required

Wood is a premium product and to keep them looking that way they do require a little extra TLC. The wooden slats tend to attract dust, especially the darker colours which requires regular dusting to keep dust free. They are still easier to keen than curtains. Just saying.

As mentioned earlier, their additional weight can also cause issues with wear and tear on the cording.


 5. Going Natural

Wood venetian blinds are a natural product. This means that each slat has its own knots and grain which can cause variations in colour and texture. The benefit is that each wood venetian blind is unique but blinds you buy today might not exactly match blinds you buy a year from now.


Wood venetian blinds are a great choice of window covering. They provide deep warm textures and give any space a premium feel. There are however a couple of things to be considered before making your purchase and as always, knowing what you are getting yourself into before you is important to make sure you get the most value for your money.

Happy decorating!


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