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Next week is December, can you believe it? We certainly can’t.

By now you’ve probably thought about what books to read this holiday.

It’s time to get snug on the couch, or tanned on the beach with some good reads.

But there’s no need to waste your time buying costly books (December is expensive enough, as is).

These articles are all you need for some enjoyable, light holiday reading.

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1. House and Leisure – A living legacy

We are obsessed with this blog post.

It takes us into Nic Bladen’s world of botanical sculptures, where he turns South African plants into masterpieces.

There is just something so enchanting about casting flowers and plants into delicate bronze sculptures.

“Many of the plants Bladen casts are endangered and he is trying to shine a light on their status as well as the threat of global warming.”

And his work is just so beautiful.

Read all about his castings, and where he sees his work going, 300 years from now.


2. Elle Decoration – Tips for making a house your own

These Johannesburg homeowners share exciting tips on how to make a house more your own, embracing the space for what it is, and just enhancing it.

One of the many useful tips they share is to use natural light as a feature, wherever possible.

Of course we love this tip because natural light and blinds are best friends.

You can read the full article in the November Slow Living issue.


3. 9 Lives – How to digitally detox

It’s holiday time.

We should be spending time with our family, and not our phones.

And while it’s more than easy to get caught up in posting our holiday moves on social media, we should be taking the time to switch off, reboot and rest.

This easy-read will give you great tips on how to detox this holiday season, so you can enjoy every moment of your time off.


4. Inspired Living – Top ways to maximise a small living space

Have you just moved into a new place? Or are you a recent home-owner?

Silly season isn’t just for holidays, it’s also the time when many leases end, and new chapters begin.

This is a great read on how to use your small space effectively, especially with all the guests you might have over this season.


5. Pick n Pay – How to survive the party season

How do you get through the most social season of the year?

With a little help from Pick n Pay for sure. This insider’s guide of do’s and don’ts will help you survive (and thrive) this holiday, whilst actually enjoying it!

You can find the full article in November’s issue of Fresh Living.


Happy reading!

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