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Summer is here and it’s finally time to bring to life some of those DIY ideas you have been dreaming of doing all winter long.  

So pack away those blankets, clear out the cobwebs, and let’s dive straight into getting your home ready for summer.

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Let’s get started.

Below is a list of our 5 favourite DIY projects to tackle this summer.


1. Go Green


A wise man once said “everything in moderation”, he obviously didn’t own any plants. Especially big green leafy ones.

When it comes to these bad boys, you can’t have enough.

Serious! The more the merrier.

The goal is to create your equivalent of a rainforest: lots of plants everywhere. And just like a rainforest make sure you have plenty of variety. Here is a list of 15 indoor plants you can’t go wrong with.

This is also a great opportunity to give your older plants a little TLC. Our favourite DIY idea is to paint a couple of the older pots to give them a new lease on life. Next, remove any weeds from their pots and add a bit of fresh potting soil and plant food to give them a boost after a long winter.


2. Welcome To Marrakech

bathroom-tile-creative-moroccan-tile-bathroom-design-decor-idea-modern-bathroom-designs-bathroom-modern-lights blindcraft

Morocco is well known for its beautiful rugs, intricate lanterns, and deep red paints and its bohemian style is definitely making a come back.

Now we aren’t suggesting you go full Arabian Nights but adding a couple of interesting pieces would do the trick.

Now don’t go crazy.

An interesting lantern spray painted gold, or a couple of scatter cushions with geometric patterns is all you need.

If you are a little more DIY inclined and want to tackle something a little bigger consider painting a wall or re-tiling the bathroom. Not for the faint-hearted but definitely a worthwhile pursuit.

Don’t be scared. You can do it!


3. Think Like A Millennial


Millennial pink is the hottest colour of 2018 and it isn’t going anywhere.

But don’t waste your money replacing perfectly good household items just because they are peach and not pink.

Instead refer back to point number 1.

This is one of our favourite DIY ideas: Grab some of those old flower pots and update them with a splash of millennial pink chalk paint.

And while you are at it, you might as well tackle that old dresser too!


4. Hey Ombre

ombre inspired room decor

50 Shades of Grey has come and gone. All the kids are now talking about ombre – which means ‘to shade’.

What it basically means is using multiple shades of the same colour range in the same space or on the same object.

As far as DIY ideas go: this one requires a little experience

So you can create a gradient, going from light to dark, or you can colour block by painting different walls in different shades of the same colour or play around with your furniture and accessories to provide the contrast.

Martha wrote a nice little blog describing how you can add a DIY ombre gradient to your walls.


5. Tie The Knot


Our fifth and final DIY idea for summer is the lost art of macrame. Okay so maybe ‘lost art’ is a little dramatic but definitely forgotten.

Macrame was HUGE in the 70’s and although the word might seem strange to you, you will definitely recognise the style. Think string curtains hanging over your childhood friends doorway.

Macrame is the process of knotting string to create intricate patterns. And believe us, it definitely gets intricate.

We have mentioned before that tassels and fringes are on their way back and macrame falls right in the centre of that resurgence.

You can make a bunch of things, from plant hangers to wall art, all of which give you a way of adding colour and texture to your home.

If you want to try it yourself read this.




Okay, so that’s it.

Our list of awesome DIY ideas to keep you busy this summer.

Now, get out of here. Go make something.

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